Company: YosemiteLabs

Role: Tech Lead

Key Result: Implementing the App in Dominican Republic

Tech used: Python (Flask)

At YosemiteLabs, as the Tech Lead for the ongoing project, I’ve been responsible for implementing a production tracking software used by multiple clients. allows users to register various events such as inventory purchases, material movements, and production output. By leveraging IoT devices like scanners, label printers, and sensors, the software enables efficient data collection. Notably, I successfully installed and IoT devices in two tobacco factories in the Dominican Republic and a car shop in the United States. As a result, these companies can now monitor production efficiency and resource waste effectively.



Company: YosemiteLabs

Role: Blockchain Software Engineer

Key Result: Decreased API response time from 30s to 10s

Tech used: Typescript (Next.js)

During 9 months at YosemiteLabs, I worked as a Blockchain Software Engineer at Crossmint, a company focused on NFT services. My responsibilities involved optimizing the minting process on the Solana Blockchain. I achieved this by enhancing performance, integrating new blockchains, implementing features like minting compressed NFTs and on-chain verification of creators, and ensuring the service’s stability for production. As a result, we significantly improved uptime to 95% (from 70% previously) and reduced API response time to an average of 10 seconds (from 30 seconds). I played a key role in making Crossmint one of the pioneering platforms to offer compressed NFTs and led the Solana mint process within the API team.



Company: YosemiteLabs

Role: Tech Lead and Backend Developer

Key Result: MVP in production with more than 200 classes booked

Tech used: Typescript (Koa + React)

During 6 months at YosemiteLabs, I worked as the Tech Lead and Backend Developer at Classdojo, a company focused on making apps for schools in the US. Our aim was to create an education-oriented platform that enables teachers to conduct tutoring sessions with students, resembling an Uber-like service. I managed the development team, defined the software architecture, collaborated with the security team, and contributed to backend development. We successfully delivered the software as an MVP, with over 200 tutoring sessions booked. The MVP is still in use, and we conducted a thorough security review to ensure production-ready safety across endpoints, frontend, and codebase.


Company: YosemiteLabs

Role: Tech Lead

Key Result: Business Intelligece to help salespeople to showcase their product

Tech used: Python (Django), Typescript (React)

As the Tech Lead at YosemiteLabs for the project, I played a pivotal role in automating physical activity measurement for clients. By utilizing a combination of hardware (cameras) and software (AI models), tracked objects and people. I led a team of three individuals, overseeing the creation of dashboards and business intelligence systems. These tools empowered the sales team to effectively present the product to potential clients. Notably, our showcase demo served as a successful sales pitch for a major theme park, and it remains in use today, featured prominently on the website.

Clever Harvest


Company: YosemiteLabs

Role: Manager

Key Result: App delivered in all major platforms (Android, IOS, web)

Tech used: Python (Flask), Typescript (React + React Native)

As the Manager at YosemiteLabs for the Clever Harvest project, I oversaw the development of solutions for tracing high-value agricultural products like olive oil, cacao, and avocado. Our team of 10 people created Android, iOS, and web applications, enabling farmers and producers to track the origins of their products. Additionally, we developed a landing page, assisted in marketing campaigns, and managed investor relations. Notably, we successfully traced 200 tons of olive oil, with the apps garnering hundreds of sign-ups during that period. Furthermore, our project expanded to include coffee tracing under the guidance of the project manager.



Company: YosemiteLabs

Role: Infrastrucutre Consultant

Key Result: Saved $5000 / month on their AWS bill

Tech used: Python (Django), Terraform, AWS (EC2 + DynamoDB)

In my role as an Infrastructure Consultant for YosemiteLabs’ Charm project, I focused on optimizing and modernizing their infrastructure. Charm specializes in developing AI models for direct-to-customer brands by scraping data from various channels, like social media and eccomerce websites. My responsibilities involved reviewing and enhancing the infrastructure for cost savings and documentation. Notably, I successfully reduced their AWS bill by $5000 a month (a 30% cost reduction) through code improvements, efficient data fetching, and strategic database changes. I also implemented Terraform to provide a comprehensive overview of the deployed infrastructure. Additionally, I optimized their ElasticSearch instance, resulting in improved app performance by reducing CPU usage during JSON parsing.

Fulfillment by Everyone

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Company: YosemiteLabs

Role: Tech Lead

Key Result: MVP delivered with Shopify and USPS integrations

Tech used: Golang (gorilla/mux)

As the Tech Lead for YosemiteLabs’ Fulfilment by Everyone (FBE) project, my primary objective was to create a distributed storage solution. FBE aimed to enable individuals to store e-commerce products in their homes and, when an order was placed, route it to a nearby person who had the item available for shipping. This approach aimed to reduce shipping costs. My responsibilities involved implementing a Shopify integration to receive orders, integrating geolocation for routing purposes, integrating with USPS for generating shipping labels, and updating orders on Shopify. Additionally, I led another backend developer in this process. We successfully delivered the app and conducted end-to-end testing in an e-commerce setting, validating the concept and providing a foundation for the client to further implement his idea.



Company: YosemiteLabs

Role: Data and Backend Engineer

Key Result: Dialer capable of making 200k calls a day

Tech used: Python (Airflow + Flask), Metabase, Golang (gorilla/mux)

During my 12-month engagement at YosemiteLabs, I served as both a Data Engineer and Backend Developer for the Insurita project. Insurita specializes in selling health insurance plans to US citizens under 65. I developed a data integration system that fetched and consolidated data from the call center, lead vendors, and CRM, enabling the creation of a robust business intelligence dashboard. Additionally, I contributed to the development of the Dialer, a powerful software responsible for efficiently connecting leads with sales agents. Notable achievements include the dashboard’s ability to query data from 10 integrations with a 5-minute delay and the Dialer’s capacity to handle 200,000 daily calls. Throughout my tenure, Insurita generated an impressive annual recurring revenue of $250,000.


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Company: CloudWalk

Role: Operations Manager

Key Result: Saved $6000 / month on their bill by porting the system to open source solutions

Tech used: Microsoft (SQL Server + Integration services + Windows Server), Python (Airflow + Flask), Kubernetes, PostgreSQL

As the Operations Manager at Confere (CloudWalk product), I spearheaded the Confere project, a reconciliation company specializing in financial data aggregation. Confere ensured that clients received the funds from their sales by comparing reports from credit card companies with their bank balances. Additionally, it consolidated data from multiple providers, simplifying sales tracking for business owners. Leading a team of 8 members, I oversaw the software responsible for receiving, processing, and comparing the aforementioned data. Furthermore, I handled support tickets from clients, coordinating with the customer support team to deliver an exceptional user experience. Notably, I successfully migrated the infrastructure from Microsoft solutions to cost-effective open-source alternatives (Airflow, Kubernetes, and Postgres), resulting in savings of over $6000.



Company: Stone

Role: Business Analyst and Data Engineer

Key Result: Delivered daily reports to company owners about company performance

Tech used: Microsoft (SQL Server + Integration services + Windows Server), Python (Airflow + Flask), Metabase, AWS (Redshift), Snowflake

During my 23-month tenure at Stone, a leading credit card provider in Brazil, I held dual roles as a Business Analyst and Data Engineer. As a Business Analyst, I created insightful reports and databases to track sales data, performance, and revenue, playing a pivotal role in delivering a daily performance overview to the company’s owners. Additionally, I collaborated closely with the data engineering team, bridging the gap between business needs and technical implementation. By architecting and deploying business intelligence solutions, I helped the team better understand and address business requirements. My contributions significantly enhanced data-driven decision-making processes and facilitated the company’s continued growth and success.